The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC) is proud to announce the new vision and goals for 2017-2027. See the publication HERE.

The radiz Rare Diseases Summer School announces its program for 2018

The radiz Rare Diseases Summer School announces its program for 2018

Radiz, the Rare Disease Initiative Zurich, is a joint action of the University of Zurich, the Children’s Hospital Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich, aimed at establishing a unique clinical research priority program in the field of rare diseases. It is meant to combine basic and clinical research efforts in an attempt to eventually improve the lives of patients suffering from a rare disease.

Radiz strives to raise awareness and imrove understanding and knowledge of rare diseases by providing continuous training and education for clinicians, physician-scientists, postdocs, and PhD students from various disciplines, such as medicine, biology, psychology and sociology; the program covers rare disease mechanisms and animal models, as well as the development of novel therapies and the improvement of diagnoses.

The radiz Rare Diseases Summer School is proud to announce for the summer 2018 a series of lectures and workshops given by national and international rare disease experts on drug development, model organisms, clinical trials, regulatory aspects, patient registries, patient initiated research, ethical considerations. All participants will have the chance to present their own research projects during dedicated poster viewing sessions. Authors of selected abstracts will also give a short oral presentation about their work.

For detailed information about dates, registration and costs please visit:

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