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BioBanking and Biomolecular resources Research Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium

BBMRI-ERIC is dedicated to establish, operate, and develop a pan-European distributed research infrastructure of biobanks and biomolecular resources. This infrastructure facilitates the access to biological resources as well as biomedical facilities and supports high-quality biomolecular and medical research.

Which services are provided?

  • Access to and improvement of interoperability of the existing collections of biological samples (population-based or clinical-oriented) from different (sub-)populations of Europe: Directory 1.0 - Common Service IT

The BBMRI-ERIC directory service is focused on enabling users to explore the infrastructure of BBMRI-ERIC, to communicate with the biobanks, to identify the biobanks samples and data of interest, and to negotiate access with the sample/data custodians. Biomedical and bioinformatics users can identify biobanks that might potentially have samples and/or data of interest for their research. The Directory is open for browsing, as well as for search through the available data, including but not limited to available material types, diagnoses, accompanying data.
Two user interfaces are provided:

  • Common Service ELSI (ethical, legal and social issues)

The Common Service ELSI aims to facilitate and support cross-border exchanges of human biological resources and data attached for research uses, collaborations and sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices. It provides you ethics check of compliance for research proposals submitted to BBMRI-ERIC and advises on a sound scientific/academic basis and experience in ethical reviews of multinational projects. In addition, it monitors ELSI issues related to biobanks and evolution in legislation/regulations at the European level (e.g., GDPR). This allows providing updated background information and practical guidance to biobankers and research community.

Why to work with BBMRI-ERIC?
BBMRI-ERIC is taking up the responsibility to make the samples and data that have been entrusted for research are used in the best way possible for the advancement of knowledge ultimately contributing to improved health care.
BBMRI-ERIC will increase efficacy and excellence of European bio-medical research by facilitating fair access to quality-defined human health/disease-relevant biological resourced through the inclusion of associated data in an efficient and ethically and legally compliant manner; by reducing the fragmentation of the bio-medical research landscape through harmonisation of procedures, implementation of common standards and fostering high-level collaboration; and by capacity-building in countries with less developed biobanking communities thereby contributing to Europe's cohesion policy and strengthening the ERA. In close interaction with other research infrastructures from the biological and medical sciences BBMRI-ERIC will exert a major role in shaping the European research landscape there by positioning Europe's research in the global context.

How much does it cost?

Countries involved in BBMRI:

  • Full Members: Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Italy; Malta; Netherlands; Sweden; United Kingdom
  • Observers: Norway; Poland; Switzerland; Turkey

BBMRI-ERIC headquarters contact point:
General Requests: contact[at]

BBMRI-ERIC Headquarter, Director General: Jan-Eric Litton
+43 316 34 99 17-0 

BBMRI-ERIC Common Service ELSI/Headquarters contact: Michaela Th. Mayrhofer[at]
+43 316 34 99 17-0 

BBMRI-ERIC Common Service IT/Headquarters contact: Petr Holub
+43 316 34 99 17-0 

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