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The European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network

ECRIN is a pan-European infrastructure designed to support multinational clinical research and unlock access to patients and medical expertise.

Which services are provided?
-    Support for funding application (ECRIN-On-Board for rare disease research)
ECRIN helps to increase the chances of success of your funding application through free consulting. Researchers in ECRIN countries are eligible for the ECRIN-On-Board initiative, which offers support to multinational, clinical research projects preparing an E-Rare-3 JTC2016 application. Supported applicants receive methodology advice, logistics and operations consulting and advice on the structure and content of the application.
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-    Advice and consultancy
Overcome the challenges of running a trial in multiple countries by taking advantage of ECRIN's local knowledge. ECRIN identifies countries and sites for your trial and advises on regulation, ethics, contracts and more.
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-    Trial management operations
If you are developing a multi-centre/multinational clinical trial, ECRIN partners you throughout your trial, ensuring the smooth running of trial operations in participating countries. Choose from the range of services to access support to suit your project.
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-    Clinical trial tools
ECRIN provides open access to a suite of tools for project planning and design, covering outcome measures, regulations and ethics, site locations and risk-based monitoring.
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-    Data Centre Certification
Clinical trials units in ECRIN Member Countries can apply for ECRIN Data Centre Certification, which awards an independent certificate of quality after a successful audit. Certified centres are preferentially recommended for data management in ECRIN trials.
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Why to work with ECRIN?
Difficulties in locating clinical trials units, fulfilling local legal, regulatory and ethical requirements, and coordinating multi-country trial management deter many researchers from attempting multinational trials. This means that most independent trials are conducted in single centres, or multiple centres within one country. ECRIN provides a pathway through Europe's fragmented health and legal systems with its pan European infrastructure that is designed to support multinational clinical research and unlock access to patients and medical expertise.

Benefits of working with ECRIN:
•    Access to expertise and facilities
Running your trial in multiple countries — using ECRIN’s distributed infrastructure — makes the most effective use of budget through pooling resources. Multinational collaboration also opens up access to a wide range of facilities and expertise in different centres, increasing the scope and impact of your trial.
•    High-quality methodology and reduced risk of bias
Working with centres in several countries results in higher quality methodology and reduced results bias compared with single country/single centre trials. This effect is thanks to a pooling of knowledge and diversity of medical practice.
•    Access to trial participants
Multinational trials have the advantage of access to higher numbers of potential trial participants, and faster recruitment means faster completion of your trial. Reaching your target participant number ensures robustness of results, and multi-country trials also offer greater patient diversity for more meaningful trial results.

How much does it cost?
ECRIN provides advice and information at no charge to academic clinical trial projects. Scientific and logistical assessment of trials is also carried out free of charge by the Scientific Board and the European Correspondents.

After evaluation and approval of an academic trial by ECRIN, services and multinational coordination are provided at not-for-profit rates by ECRIN and its partners. Multinational coordination refers to activities carried out by ECRIN (Operations Department and European Correspondents), services refers to activities carried out by the ECRIN partners or subcontractors acting as final service providers, such as clinical trial units, data centres, etc.

In addition to not-for-profit services, ECRIN also offers services to industry sponsors at market rates. These activities shall not account for more than 20% of the ECRIN portfolio, as described in its Statutes. In such cases, a separate accounting system is used without VAT exemption.

Countries involved in ECRIN:
-    Member Countries : France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain
-    Observer Country : Czech Republic

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